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We should all love opossums like this! 😂💚#naturespestcontrol #organicgardening #tickeaters #rabiesfree

I want to be opossum lady when I grow up ✨
Special thanks to: https://www.youtube.com/user/MEpearlA/

4 years ago
Texas Parks and Wildlife

Are you seeing coyotes in your neighorhood? Here are some things to know:

4 years ago
Jennifer Kendall on FOX 7

The Austin and local hill country area is growing so fast that we’re having a real wildlife crisis regarding habitat loss. We get calls all the time from angry, brand new homeowners of countryside ... See more


The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office said a man in Round Rock was bitten by a coyote this morning.

It happened in the Teravista neighborhood near the golf course on Lone ... See more

4 years ago
Ancient Amnesia

AMID ALL THE devastation caused by Australia’s bushfires, an unlikely hero has emerged: the wombat. Quite generously, wombats have reportedly been allowing other animals to take refuge in their ... See more

4 years ago
Knitting and sewing pouches for possums and smaller wildlife

We’re so crushed over the toll on wildlife in the Australian fires and will be posting ways you can help. 😭 For those who like to sew, knit, or crochet, here are patterns and mailing ... See more

Find out how to make pouches for our possum joeys and other small native animal joeys. The size described is commonly needed and all sizes of pouches are used as each species needs different sizes at ... See more

4 years ago

This baby was found near Johnson City, asking for help from a human. It’s either a pet that escaped, or one that was turned out when it wasn’t wanted anymore. Help us share to get this sweet ... See more

Please send help!

I found this rabbit roaming around our neighborhood, I almost hit him and just couldn’t leave him.

He has to be a pet, because he’s super friendly.

Please pass this along ... See more

4 years ago

This is an example of the beautiful, thoughtful community that you Wild Things friends are! Coordinated a supply donation drop off at our favorite dentist office, from pediatric nurse Siobhan. She ... See more

4 years ago
Check out my list on Amazon

Hi friends! We’re in major need of syringes, needles, and miracle nipples. If you could take a minute to include us in your holiday giving by shopping right here off our Amazon wishlist, it would ... See more

4 years ago

“Take me to your leader”, said the barn owl nestlings!

I'm now convinced that people who claim to have seen aliens have actually just seen baby owls. 👽

4 years ago
Photos from Wild Things Rescue Ranch's post

Lots of deer are still grazing and crossing roads as the sun goes down earlier. Go slowly and carefully, especially on those county roads! If you do hit a deer, please find a safe place to stop and ... See more

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